Theme Versions

Origin West 1.0.5 | 03.20.2013

  • Added Instagram back into the theme

Origin West 1.0.4 | 03.15.2013

  • Updated Audio Post for Soundcloud and Spotify
  • Instagram Profile link now directs to Instagram profile instead of Gramfeed profile
  • Fixed the Photoset Grid to keep the photos from shifting when closing
  • Like and Reblog posts while browsing the blog
  • Fixed the Share Button alignment
  • Header logo is now set to the max width
  • Fixed the Social Icons in Landscape
  • Removed the border from the Pinterest button
  • Fixed the footer layout to remove the white margin

Origin West 1.0.3 | 02.20.2013

  • Updated the video embed feature to address Tumblr’s recent changes.

Origin West 1.0.2 | 10.02.2012

  • New Social Icons - We added new Social Icons for Instagram, Quora, and Github.
  • Now supports Tumblr’s new video player
  • Fixed resize bug that was causing posts to ‘jitter’

Origin West 1.0.1 | 05.23.2012

  • Minor bug fixes and updates

Origin West 1.0.0 | 04.21.2012

  • The first version of Origin West has been submitted to Tumblr.